All of our customers have gone from being prospective clients to becoming part of the Alex’s Gardening Services family, leaving us great testimonials. And we intend to maintain this streak!

A Jungle Tamed!

May 29, 2022

At the start of Winter 2022 we gave Alex’s Gardening Service a call to request a visit and review of the property. They called ahead to let us know they would be arriving at our set time, and showed up promptly. The yard was years-long in neglect and in need of serious attention; trimming a wide variety of shrubs, trees, and an overgrowth of grasses in the beds. One area of concern was how to trim and support flowering overgrown shrubbery for the health of plants and continue to benefit the wildlife and bees. By the end of the first visit the yard and vegetation immediately looked better, and now after a few months of once a month visits the yard is beautiful and thriving! We spoke with Alex and Elsa about guidance on how to bring the yard ‘back’ to its original beauty and they have offered excellent suggestions in moving forward. Alex and his team are knowledgeable about best practices in gardening, soils, planting, trimming of shrubs and trees and it shows. Hard workers, efficient use of time, and beautiful clean up and finish. We highly recommend Alex’s Gardening Services without reservation.

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Elise & Neil Boyle

Response from Alex's Gardening Services

Thank you!

Poison Oak

September 4, 2020

I take pen in hand to say…THANK YOU ALEX and CREW. We recently moved into the Willits area and found our new property/home had extensive poison oak. I contacted Alex and he and his crew tackled the job removing all that nasty stuff. Thank again.

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Daryl & Liz

Knowledgable and Professional

August 1, 2020

I just found Alex’s website and have to comment.

About 10 years ago the empty house next door to my house in Fort Bragg sold, and a week later I saw a guy clearing out all the neglected overgrowth around the house, including a large Himalayan blackberry bramble.

He spent all day removing plantings and clearing that sadly neglected yard, and as I watched throughout the day I realized that this guy was a real professional, he had a plan and a purpose which was clear to me, it was actually uplifting to watch him be so thorough and methodical in his work day.

He accomplished an impressive amount of work that day, and I waited until he was finished and ready to leave before I introduced myself and complimented him on his great job, then I got his business card.

Of course, I started recommending him, and everyone was happy with Alex’s work as I watched his business grow, a new trailer, then a truck, then a helper, then a crew, a classic success story of a professional who operates an honest business, we’re lucky to have he and his family here.

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Derek Hoyle

Incredible Transformation

June 27, 2020

Without hesitation I recommend Alex’s Gardening Service. He and his crew have been working in the cemeteries in Mendocino and the transformation is unbelievable! His crew starts when they say they will and have gone beyond my expectations in cleaning plots, removing invasive brush and making the Evergreen Cemetery look the best it has in years. This was not an easy job, He and his lovely family and crew are hard working and good people and I thank them.

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Laurie Hill, Manager Mendocino Cemetery District

Alex the “no show”

June 22, 2020

We interviewed Alex at our property and all went well. He has a cute family.

He was to call us the following day to arrange a time to do our job. He did not call me so I waited 24hrs. and then decided to call him. I let it slide that I had to call him (annoying) and went ahead and scheduled him at his chosen day of Friday at 10: AM. On that day he was a “no show” so, again, I had to chase him down and call him. When I reached him he had no acceptable excuse or apology and, in fact, sounded like he was scrambling to make amends. Listening to his hem and haw got me really upset and I just told him to forget it. Frankly, we are tired and frustrated by so many “no shows” and unreliable help in our community. We hate to give a bad review as well but hope this will steer others to be cautious about requiring basic communication and reliability from local businesses in this field.

Star & Gene


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Happy Customers Speak of Their Experience:

We believe the words of our happy customers are the measure of our success. Read what they have to say and decide for yourself. Then give us a call and experience true professional landscaping services.

1 •”We hired Alex and team for a couple hours to help with some projects on the property, and he was incredibly professional, thorough and kind. We were amazed by what he was able to accomplish, and we will not hesitate to hire him again when we need a helping hand”.   Just a note. Thanks Alex.   Shai & Chris Larsen. Albion, California

2 •The team called ahead, showed up on time- got right to work, and got the
knee high mowing and weed eating done in less time than I thought it would
take.   They raked up and left my little yard in perfect shape.   I hope
to have them back again next time.  As Tony the Tiger would say—
“Theyyyyyyy’re GREAT!”   Mondra Rose. Fort Bragg, California

3• Recommending Alex’s Gardening Service   Alex and his team worked here today.  They accomplished a great deal in a short time period and I am very pleased with the result.  We have a happy garden and surrounding grassy area.   Cecilia Townsend. Fort Bragg, California

 4 • I would like to highly recommend Alex’s Gardening Service.  He has been to my
property twice now, and has done a spectacular job.  His service is very reasonably
priced, he is prompt, fast, (without sacrificing quality), and just a good guy.
 Highly recommended. Henry Hewitt. Albion, California

5• Alex & sons are a delight to have working in my garden. They work very hard and do just what I ask. They are careful and considerate. J. Vidaver. Fort Bragg, California

6• Alex and his crew were efficient and mowed and edged all around in about two hours, which I was impressed with because it would have taken me a lot longer. Randall Orr. Albion, CA

7• Alex and his crew has come out to do my yard work a couple of times. I have now asked for monthly yard maintenance. If you need gardening done,  you should consider hiring them. They come when they say they will; super polite and provide excellent service!

You can’t lie to your soul

Stacy G. Fort Bragg, CA 95437

‘We hired Alex and his lovely family again and cannot recommend them enough. They are kind, extremely hard working, and they treat our property like it is their own, with true care. We have hired them many times in the past, and we are always blown away by how much they are able to accomplish, and how goodhearted they are. I’m happy to provide a reference for them if you have any questions. Thank you!” S.L.”